Specialized positioning system for maintenance of main technological equipment for aluminum profile production

Investor: Stilmet AD


Rising of efficiency of the main technological equipment for aluminum profile production.


Existing situation

The production complex consists of an extrusion press and a gas tunnel-type furnace with a conveyor. The removal from the furnace and the transportation of the hot blanks to the extruder is performed by a mechanical devise consisting of a grip and a sloped chute.

Work conditions

The technological complex is designated to work with small in volume, but often changing orders.

  • Prolong time for taking out of the furnace – heat loss;
  • The orientation of the blank going out of the furnace depends on its length;
  • Transportation is carried out gravitationally along a sloped chute;
  • Uncertain transportation time due to often blank jamming in the chute;
  • Increased heat losses influencing the extrusion process – in some cases it is necessary to return the blank in the furnace. This leads to losses due to downtime of main equipment and additional costs for repeated heating.


The positioning system developed by us is autonomous equipment consisting of two synchronous-operating manipulators.


Technological advantages
  • Reduction of time necessary for taking out of the furnace;
  • The manipulators operate with all sizes of blanks without necessary readjustment;
  • Possibility for flexible work cycle with intermediate point for awaiting and call from the operator if additional maintenance is necessary;
  • Superposing of all auxiliary times with the extrusion time.
Economic effect

After the commissioning of the positioning system developed by us the efficiency of the main technological equipment reaches near 100% of its production capacity decreasing the energy consumption by more than 10%.

The developed automation solution achieves further economic effect because it makes not necessary the reconstruction of the main technological equipment leading to losses from production downtimes and need of additional investments.


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