Intelligent mechatronic system controlled by hierarchical structure of dynamically changing outside commands | Investor: JPL Ltd.


Developing of positioning system for incorporation in a specialized product with the following functions:
  • Recognition of objects by video image;
  • Re-orientating of objects;
  • Transportation and grouping of objects according to a dynamically changing algorithm in real time;
  • Transportation of grouped objects.


The task is realized by a special manipulator developed by us, comprising of:
  • Global servo-controlled axis Х - 2000 mm;
  • Regional servo-controlled axis Z - 800 mm combined with pneumatic drive rotation  R1 - 90 degrees;
  • Pneumatic local movement X1/Y1 - 40 mm;
  • Pneumatic local movement X2/Y2 - 10 mm;
  • Pneumatic local movement X3/Y3 - 25 mm;
  • Two-point vacuum grip.
The system comprises also:
  • Six double and one single buffer with individual pneumatic opening;
  • Belt conveyor – 2400 mm;
  • Second pneumatic rotary transport manipulator R2 - 90 degrees.
The maximum transport speed is 1 m/s at simultaneous movement along both servo-controlled axes.

The automatic maintenance of the vacuum level allows unlimited stay of the object in the vacuum grip.

Due to the big complexity of the product snapshots of different work stages of the project providing clearer picture for the lay-out and functions of the separate systems of the manipulator are used.



The introduced positioning system completely realized all initially specified technical parameters. The high reliability and long operational life of the used junctions and components allow the operation of the system in 24-hour mode without need for current maintenance..