Specialized manipulator for servicing of horizontal foundry machines with hot and cold chamber | Investor: Bulgarisch - Deutsche Gesellschaft SPESIMA GmbH


Development of specialized manipulator for servicing of horizontal foundry machines.


The manipulator is developed on modular principle providing for arrangement of prototypes with different number of degrees of freedom and arm’s length. The original structure of the manipulator consisting of two kinematically connected units driven by a servo-controlled engine-reducer group provides possibility to realize translation movement with high speed, big length of trajectory and stop in unspecified number of points. 

The possibility to attach different local movements and grippers to the main structure makes it applicable for great range of activities characteristic for the production of parts through pressure die-casting. The global rotary movement in the basis of the manipulator increases the workspace and allows for operation with additional periphery systems outside the zone of the main equipment. For example: 

  • Removal of part set from multi-seat tool;
  • Part control;
  • Cooling;
  • Transport;
  • Separation of defect parts.
The necessary space for arrangement of the manipulator is significantly less in comparison with other patterns of the same class of load carrying capacity or work zone. 

The modular structure of this manipulator provides for fast and easy maintenance or change of arrangement depending on the concrete task. This circumstance is extremely important for the reduction of downtime losses in view of the loaded operational schedule of the main equipment. 

All produced prototypes before commissioning pass functional tests according to the technical standards in force. The most important tests are
  • Positioning precision;
  • Positioning repetition;
  • Temperature tests, etc.