Specialized automation for aluminum tape perforation | Investor: VALTECH OOD


Developing of high-output specialized punching automation for aluminum tape perforation.


Existing situation
  • Low output of press device;

  • Big consumption of consumables for tape coating against seizure;

  • Poor health conditions on the workplace – high concentration of alcohol vapors from the coating solutions;

  • Forming of cold-working on the cutting surfaces of the punching tool;

  • Limited speed of the stepping tape-feeding device;

  • Need of additional outside synchronization between the tape-feeding device and the press;

  • Big compressed air consumption.

Specific requirements

The process of tape-unreeling from the roll, tape-feeding to the press and the repeated roll reeling should not cause stretching in the tape or corrugated sections because it will make the tape unfit for the next technological operation.


The punching automation developed by us is characterized by the following functional features:
  • Active tape unreeling and reeling with possibility for of infinite control and maintenance of tensile force;
  • Rigid kinematic tie of the specialized tape-feeding device with the crankshaft of the eccentric press;
  • The tape-feeding device realizes the stepping tape displacement with the speed change according to the sinus law. This guarantees smooth change of the tensile force independently from the process dynamics;
  • Automatically operating tape buffers designated to compensate the stepping tape movement in the perforating zone with the continuous unreeling and reeling process;
  • Minimization of the length, and the mass of the stepping displacement section of the tape respectively, in order to achieve high tape-feeding dynamics. It is extremely important for the protection of the already perforated tape from deformation due to the pulse tensile forces;
  • Infinite press speed control for achieving maximum output for different tape thickness;
  • Specialized punch tool with punch oil washing before each punching cycle;
  • High efficiency and operational stability of the punching process without need for additional expenses on coating solutions with evaporations harmful for the service personnel;
  • The active oiling and cleaning of the punches from aluminum particles allows high punch speed and many times longer operational term of the tool till its next re-grinding;
  • Presence of system for active cleaning of the rolls of the stepping tape-feeding device. The system maintains relatively stable friction rate and excellent step repetition.




These design solutions provide for operation of the punching automation with the following parameters:
  • Press speed – up to 6 strokes per second;
  • Tape displacement pitch - 72 мм.

After the introduction of the punch automation the achieved efficiency provide for stopping of the old equipment leading to energy, consumables and labor savings. As a result, the end product turn to be competitive in regards to quality and price to the products of well-known manufacturers and importers.